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Automatic testing equipment


Mu-TEST is a game changer in the Automated Test Equipment (ATE) industry. Thanks to its revolutionary, FPGA-based hardware, Mu-TEST dramatically reduces the Cost of Test (CoT) for all the IC Semiconductor Companies

All digital circuits (either full circuits, or IP blocks), especially with datarates and speed above 50/100/200 Megabits per second, and / or requiring large tester memories (pattern & capture), for which Mu-TEST platform capabilities are ideally suited.
Thanks to its mixed signal instrument, Mu-TEST platform can also manage testing of Systems on Chip (SoC) devices.
With dedicated capture instruments, Mu-TEST is perfectly positionned to adress IC devices with arrays or matrixes, such as image sensors, and memories.

Test System

M-5S /M-10S

The high performance tester for engineering, low pincount and compact production applications.                     

M-5S/M-10S is a 5/10 slots tester, desktop compatible, ideal for applications from lab, to engineering, to low pincount or medium volume production. Compatible with 256/512 signal pins, M-5S/M-10S comes with Gateway interface (Gigabit Ethernet, GPIB…)


The high performance tester for high pincount, and parallel production test.

M-21S is a 21 slots tester, dedicated to medium and high volume production, and higher pincount devices. Compatible with more than 4096 signal pins, M-21S comes with Getaway interface (Gigabit Ethernet, GPIB…), diagnostic and calibration loadboards.


High level block diagram

Mu-TEST uses Standard Test Interface Language (STIL) for patterns, levels, timings…programming. In addition, test parameters can be easily imported from CSV files. Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) enables user code programming in C++. Mu-TEST provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI), running under Windows Operating System

MuTool software functionalities

Mu-TEST developped its software with two main focus: make it user friendly, easily useable, and enabling the complete coverage of the product lifecycle, from test program development, to advanced device debug functionalities, to production test operation.

Test program development

The editing menus of MuTool software enable a very easy and fast test program development. Within 15 minutes, a simple test program can be written from scratch, up and running. Upload of existing CSV files, pre-entered inputs, intuitive interface makes the life of the test engineers easier.


Nortech -The equipment available to support manufacturing in the form of ( QFN/ DFN/ SOT/ SOD/ SC/ EMT/ SOP/ TSSOP/ TO/ D2Pack/ LEDs/ LGA/ WLCSP/ MEMS) and has been widely used in many well-known semiconductor company.




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